Site Content Audit and Report

$ 1k+ Billed Annually
  • This report allows you to micro-zoom into your website to discover & extract dire KPI's prerequisite to further decisions regarding scaling or improvements.
Winter Deal

Keyword Research

$ 500+ Billed Annually
  • Identify top keyword opportunities in keyword submission places such as search engines, blogs, etc. on specific topics

Key Message Platform

$ 3k+ Billed Annually
  • Get top results in all channels with a “master messaging roadmap.”
  • Distribute "Brand Congruency" to unify brand perception across all channels.
  • Avoid misconception or misunderstanding of what you & your brand represent by bestowing clarity of mission, objective, motto, & slogan upon "YOUR" audience in all outlets.
  • Retain exclusivity of your brand's "Unique Seliing Proposition".
  • Discover & Align with your audience of rabid buyers, fans, supporters, & evangelists.
  • Postively impact, influence, enlighten, captivate, & relentelessly keep your audience intrigued by exposing them to the living & vibrant nuanced personality of your brand.
CEO's Fave

Home Page Content:

seo & sales-conversion
$ 1500+ Billed Annually
  • Bestow an unpariel dynamic AI-driven home-page experience that converts visits into sales, captures, & clicks.

Category Page Update:

Rewrite any other page excluding "Home" & landing
$ 250+ Billed Annually
  • Improve SEO results and sales conversions on any page excluding home & landing.

Product Page Update:

SEO and Sales-conversion
$ 100+ Per Page Billed Annually
  • Generate more traffic and sales for each specific product

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